Photos of Lake Thompson & surrounding lakes.

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Below are thumbnail photos of our 4-lakes area of Kingsbury county. (Just click on them for a larger view)


dusk clouds.jpg (45524 bytes)
(click photo)
Clouds at sunset.


nitstorm.jpg (10553 bytes)
(click photo)
Thunderstorm at dusk / Lake Thompson.


0701_050.jpg (64156 bytes)
(click photo)
Photo taken on a northeastern backwater area off Lake Thompson.
  Northern fishing this spring should be excellent in areas like this.


ltclouds.jpg (19519 bytes)
(click photo)
Summer clouds above Lake Thompson


0207_004.jpg (67454 bytes)
(click photo)
This picture was taken by the east boat ramp on Lake Thompson.
  Note the ice fishermen in the back ground.


1129_027.jpg (86628 bytes)
(click photo)
This photo was also taken in the late fall.  If you look closely in
the larger view you will see thousands of snow geese just getting
off the open spot of water.  This was taken as the ice was just
beginning to form on Lake Preston (lake)

ice fishing
(click photo)
Winter sunset on Lake Thompson


lake thompson sunset1.jpg (7690 bytes)
(click photo)
Lake Thompson Sunset
Thanks Terry.


spring geese.jpg
(click photo)
They're Back
Spring Snow Geese 2/26/99

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