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Sunrse deacon's bench The Sunrise Deacon's Bench is an original design that works to combine the natural beauty of the wood grain with the patterns of the sun's rays. It is made of red oak lumber and is offered in natural wood, and three different stain colors. The flip-up lid with full length piano hinge provides good storage space in any room you choose for the bench. In the foyer, store boots, and cold weather gear; in the living or family room, store magazines and games; or in the dining room, use it for tablecloths. The price is $375 plus shipping costs to your home.
traditional deacon's bench The Traditional Deacon's Bench is also made of red oak. This photo is of a bench made of quarter-sawn red oak. The fine, straight grain lines of quarter-sawn lumber compliment the straight lines of the piece. All joints are mortise and tenon construction so the spindles will not come loose and turn in their sockets. This bench is also $375 plus shipping. There is an additional $25 charge for quater-sawn lumber.The benches are 47" long, 36" tall, and 17" deep.
Tree Table The Tree Table These were designed as coffee tables but my customers tell me they work very nicely as plant stands and hallway benches. All edges and corners are round to protect those little people. Dimensions are approx. 48"x18"x18'. the price is $150 plus shipping to your home.
Sun Table The Sun Table  features the sun again . There is just something about the patterns of the wood grain fitting in with the suns' rays patterns that appeals to me. The price is $150 plus shipping to your home. Call us for a quote on custom sizes and designs.

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Hall bench

This hallbench is about 72" tall and 46" wide. It has  a storage space under the lid. It is of frame and panel constuction with three mirror panels across the top. There are three wooden pegs under the mirror panels. It is solid red oak with oak plywood panels. This piece is  stained with fruitwood stain.  I will build this in custom sizes and colors to suit your requirements..


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