Display Cases


Commemorative gun display cases.

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Glass on three sides and mirror on the back. Solid oak frame and top. Adjustable supports to accommodate rifles or  shot guns. Full length tube lighting with switch. Keyed lock . This case is available in two sizes--50" glass (55" overall) for longer rifles and shotguns, 44" glass (49"overall) for shorter rifles such as model 94 Winchester. I will build custom size cases if you need something longer. Height 12" Depth 7". Ready to be hung on your wall.  Mounting hardware is included.


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Customer Feedback




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Pistol Cases

Customers have asked for a pistol case to match the rifle and shotgun case so here it is. It measures
20 1/2" X 12" x 7".
It has the same lock and lights as the big cases.  Call or email to order this case.  I have some on hand but I like to have a tracing of the handgun to ensure proper placement of the mounting pegs. Contact information is at the bottom of this page

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12 Gun Case

This free standing case has a locking drawer for storage.   Tube lighting runs across the top and down the sides and is controlled with a three position touch dimmer. There is custom etching at the top and in the bottom corners of each door.


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15 Gun Wall mount Case


This case has tube lighting  that runs up both sides and across the top with a three position touch dimmer. There is etching on the front doors. The top is enhanced by crown molding and has a plate groove cut in. The bottom is supported by a curved oak front.

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12 Gun Diagonal Corner


This cabinet has a revolving turntable to display your guns. The glass is etched on all 3 sides.  There is tube lighting with a touch dimmer switch

Display case for church memorial registry.

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Custom cases

Here are some examples of custom cases designed for a specific item.
On the left is a case for a West Point graduation sword.
On the right are two baseball card display cases and one display case for baseball bats.

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Open shelf case on the left. On the right is the body of an antique gas pump converted into an oak lined display cabinet with an archway, display lighting, and adjustable glass shelving. I enjoy the challenge of those unique pieces.

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Room Divider Display Case


This case has glass on three sides and glass shelves. The front panels have scrolled corner etching. There is lighting with a touch dimmer.

Custom Glass Etching

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Brad Hauck Woodworking
43808 US Highway 14
Lake Preston SD 57249
(605) 847-4355